UT Arboretum Society/UT Frrec Lecture Series: Pacific Crest Trail Hike Program Fascinating Account of One Woman’s 2,650-Mile Hike

The Forest Resources Research & Education Center
Oak Ridge
Thursday, February 6, 2020
7 - 8 pm

Joan Tomlinson, a hiker who completed the Pacific Crest Trail, spanning an area from Mexico to Washington State, will talk about her hiking experience on Thursday, February 6th, 7:00 p.m. at the UT Arboretum Auditorium in Oak Ridge, 901 S. Illinois Avenue. Entitled “Time on the Mountains: One woman’s Lessons and Discoveries While Completing a Hike of the Pacific Crest Trail,” Tomlinson will talk about what became a three-year hike and the many challenges she faced.

This is a free program offered by the University of Tennessee Arboretum Society but donations are gratefully accepted. The program is co-sponsored by the UT Arboretum Society, REI – Knoxville and the UT Forest Resources AgResearch and Education Center. For more information on this program or the UT Arboretum Society, call 865-483-7277. No registration is required.


Unless otherwise noted, all events are open to the public.