ORICL Class - Forest Management Practices

The Forest Resources Research & Education Center
Oak Ridge
Wednesday, February 19, 2020
4 - 6 pm

Class title: Challenges and best practices for managing environmental resources

Class description: Environmental resources include water, air, soils, land, wildlife, and the benefits they provide to humans. The benefits include clean water and air, food, fiber, fuel, and recreation as well as cultural and aesthetic amenities. Appropriate management of these resources should be designed with the particular context and relevant spatial and temporal scale in mind. The class will consist of a series of six guest lectures on topics related to managing forests, wildlife, invasive species, and dammed rivers.

Feb 19 - Kevin Hoyt – “Forest management practices” - field trip to UT Arboretum. Meet at the auditorium at the UT Arboretum, which is located at 901 S Illinois Ave in Oak Ridge.


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