Senior Bull Test Sale

The Middle Tennessee Research & Education Center
Spring Hill
Thursday, January 19, 2012

SPRING HILL, Tenn. – More than 70 performance-tested bulls will soon be sold in a public auction at the University of Tennessee Bull Evaluation Center. The sale is scheduled for January 19 and will begin at noon. All bulls in the sale have completed the center’s 84-day test and met the strict qualifications for average daily gain, yearling weight, frame score and scrotal circumference. The bulls have also passed a breeding soundness examination.

Collectively, this class of bulls gained weight at an average of 4.5 pounds per day. The high-gain award goes to a Woodhill Mainline S 168-U25 sired bull consigned from Grass Valley Farm in Greeneville. This bull finished the test with a gain rate of 5.44 pounds per day with an adjusted 365-day weight of 1357 and a frame score of 5.9. Second place honors went to Lawrenceburg, Kentucky’s, JRS Angus consignment with an average daily gain weight of 5.35 pounds.

Angus bulls make up the majority of the class, however a few Simmental and Simangus bulls will also be sold. Dr. David Kirkpatrick, UT Animal Science Professor and Director of the Bull Evaluation Center, says this group of bulls is the leanest on record.
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